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How we publish a book.
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Finished manuscript

If your book is not yet a finished manuscript, please complete it first. There are too many writers out there with finished books for us to consider accepting a book that is not complete. Contact us to submit.

Accept or Reject

If we receive a completely unedited manuscript, we may reject it on that basis. Do not send your very first draft! It should not be a disaster of misspellings & grammatical mistakes. There are free online tools to fix those, use them.

Contract Offer

If we want to publish your book, we’ll offer you a contract with us. We are a small publisher, not a vanity press. That means we do not pay advances, but we do not charge for services. We only make money when your book sells.

Typesetting Formats

Once your book is edited, well have it typeset for different sizes and formats. We typically create a book in, at least, eBook and paperback formats. Some books are produced in hardcover, a second paperback size, and audiobook.

Title & Cover

Choosing the right title and cover for your book are critical to selling copies. Getting the title perfect is important, particularly if there is a series to consider. The cover art will be the first thing potential customers see, and we want it perfect!

Proof & ARCs

We provide you a proof copy of your book so that you can look over the layout of the exterior and interior before it goes up for sale. We also provide Advanced Reader Copies to those book reviewers who are helping with book pre-sale publicity.

Pre-Order & Distribution

At this point, your book is for sale! It is available for pre-order, and on the official launch date it becomes available for direct purchase. Books are printed on demand, eBooks delivered automatically. Authors can buy books at cost.

Do You have a Complete Manuscript to Submit?

Editing Process

How we complete a manuscript.

We understand how emotionally difficult a process editing can be, and we do attempt to be as reasonable and sensitive to that as possible. The last thing we want is for you to be turned off from writing because of a critique.

However, just as important is for the author to be OPEN to change. Very few books are ever fully ready to hit the shelves on the first draft. Even extremely experienced authors need at least one round of edits, and it is nothing to be ashamed of.

The authors job is to craft great story, the editors job is to create perfect flow.

  • If your book can hook us in by the first chapter, we want to read more. If not, we'll tell you what the problems are and how to fix them.

  • Once your concept is in order, a content editor sits down and reads the entire thing. You are provided with a detailed report on each chapter of the book, as well as thoughts on the overall chapter connections and book flow. After this point, you typically work up a second draft based on suggestions.

  • This step repeats as many times as needed. Each round comes with a detailed report on the current state of the book, as well as suggested changes.

  • Once all the story changes are in order, and everything is set the way it will remain, the line editor takes over. Meticulously cleaning up grammar, spelling, word choice, dialog, and paragraph breaks. The result is your final manuscript.


Always reading a book from their favorite genre.


Senior Content Editor
Nicole will always tell it to you straight about the direction of your story. She is a master at finding plot holes, missing connections, and poorly formed story-lines. Nicole has a preference in dealing with non-fiction technical writing projects, but will take on some fiction or classic re-translation.


Senior Line Editor
When you need a person who will pick apart every line of your writing to find grammatical problems, you want Terry on hand. She is a detail oriented editor who helps clean up your work as only a perfectionist can. She enjoys reading romances, particularly historical, and mysteries.


Business Manager
Primarily focused on daily business issues, Pat also finds time to be a reader for us now and again. In addition, her government and law enforcement background is helpful when we need a subject matter expert for book accuracy.


Intern (Content Editing)
Kalista is a college student with plans to be a writer and content editor. She is interning with us while she finishes work on her Bachelor degree in English. She enjoys fantasy, thrillers, horror, and translation to television/film.

Ready to Start the Process?

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