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Finished manuscripts

If your book is not yet a finished manuscript, please complete it first. There are too many writers out there with finished books for us to consider accepting a book that is not complete. Contact us to submit.

Long-term Authors

We’re interested in building relationships with authors who plan to write more than one book because it takes time to build up a name. We understand that some people may be exceptions, so submit if you think that applies to you.

Often Rejected

This is usually a good sign for us. We like books that are turned down because they’re often strange & interesting. We’re open to any genre or style you like, so long as it’s got a creative angle and brings something unique.

Lightly Edited

The modern book editor strips out the personality of the writer and removes any touch of risky style or uniqueness. This is done to create something guaranteed to sell. We don’t work like that. We favor a light touch & heavy personality.

Do You have a Complete Manuscript to Submit?

The Process

How we publish books

We understand how emotionally difficult the process of becoming a published author can be. At ACP, we attempt to be as reasonable and sensitive to that as possible. The last thing we want is for you to be turned off from writing because of a bad experience.

Here are some common questions we thought we'd answer right away.

Q: Do you charge anything for publishing?
A: There is no charge for publishing. We are not a vanity press in any way. Our business makes money when you do, because we're paid a percentage of royalties when your book sells.

Q: Do you provide advances on future sales?
A: No. Like many small publishers, we do not pay cash advances against future sales. However, in exchange we offer much more favorable royalty terms.

Q: Do you publish everything submitted to you?
A: Absolutely not. That is more in line with what a vanity press or self-publishing service company does. We have specific types of books we're looking for.   See our interests.

Q: Do you require authors to have agents?
A: No. We completely understand and appreciate the role of agents in the large publishing market. However, for small publishers, like ourselves, we feel our authors get a much more personalized experience.

  • The editing process takes place in cycles. Each round continues until your book is production ready. We do caution against over-editing and sacrificing the voice of the author.

  • Choosing the right title and cover for your book are critical to selling copies. Getting the title perfect is important, particularly if there is a series to consider. The cover art will be the first thing potential customers see, and we want it perfect!

  • We provide you a proof copy of your book so that you can look over the layout of the exterior and interior before it goes up for sale. We also provide Advanced Reader Copies to those book reviewers who are helping with book pre-sale publicity.

  • At this point, your book is available for pre-order, and on the official launch date it becomes available for direct purchase. Books are printed on demand, eBooks delivered automatically. Advertising and marketing begins at this stage, and continues as long as the book remains in the catalog.


Always reading a book from their favorite genre.


Senior Editor
When you need a person who will pick apart every line of your writing to find grammatical problems, you want Terry on hand. She is a detail oriented editor who helps clean up your work as only a perfectionist can. She enjoys reading romances, particularly historical, and mysteries.


Business Manager
Primarily focused on daily business issues, Pat also finds time to be a reader for us now and again. In addition, her government and law enforcement background is helpful when we need a subject matter expert for book accuracy.


Intern (Content Editing)
Kalista is a college student with plans to be a writer and content editor. She is interning with us while she finishes work on her Bachelor degree in English. She enjoys fantasy, thrillers, horror, and translation to television/film.


Graphic Design
Russell handles all the issues related to graphics, covers, advertising, promotional material, and web concepts. He also works with some of the audio book technical production aspects.

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