June 6, 2014

Tresa Hernandez

Theresa (Tresa) Hernandez was born and raised in South Central Texas, where she still lives today. An avid reader from an early age, she has long had a love of words and naturally enjoys word games of all kinds.

Her hobbies vary from playing World of Warcraft to sewing and crochet, watching British murder mysteries, and reading historical romance novels. She has an artistic inclination and likes painting, drawing, ceramics & mosaics.

Tresa is a grandmother of 2 who are each artistic in their own way, one as a sketch artist and painter, the other in computer graphics and animation. Through these books, she hopes to share her love of words with others.

Books by Tresa:

WordyWords – Botanicals Edition (May 2014)

WordyWords – Grocery Store List Edition (Dec 2014)

WordyWords – Food Edition (coming soon)

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