April 22, 2019


Apache Creek accepts submissions year-round through our online contact form. We do not accept submissions via email or social media.

Your submission should include your: Your name, email address, and query letter.

DO NOT include additional information (synopsis, book pages, etc…). If we are interested in reading more after seeing your query letter, we’ll contact you.

You should double-check the email address that you enter, because it will be the sole method we have to contact you once we have reviewed your submission.

If your work is not a good fit for us, we will respond with a brief reason for that decision. That response is not likely to be more than a couple of lines (this is not a query evaluation we’re providing), but we do want to give you some understanding of the motivation behind our choice.

If we are interested in reading more of your work, you will receive an email request for additional chapters or a full manuscript.

We make every attempt to respond within 90 days, but during certain times of the year that number needs to get a little flexible. If you haven’t heard back from us within that time-frame, feel free to contact us with a reminder after the 90 day period has passed.

You may enter your pen name here if you prefer.
This is our ONLY way to contact you - please make sure you enter it correctly.
Put your query letter here. This is your chance to sell us on the idea of your book, make it interesting!